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We know that there is no “one-size fits all” solution to your staffing needs and there is certainly no “one-size fits all” answer to your questions. Below are just a few of our most commonly asked questions.

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What does a month-to- month contract entail?

AcuStaf offers a month-to-month contract for your convenience. There are no long term agreements, no hardware costs and no “nickel and dime.” Most companies charge you for everything from buying a server to interfaces. With AcuStaf’s monthly service, everything is included. By partnering with Amazon Web Services, there is no need to buy a server or worry about it crashing. Amazon is HIPPA compliant and allows VPN access. All of your information is guaranteed to be safe.

Not only do you save on hardware costs, but paying a monthly fee includes all interfaces to AcuStaf. Bring your HR, Schedule, Payroll, Workload, Track and Finance information into one system. Making correlations has never been easier. There is no need for a spread sheet any more! Enter and view all of your information in one place!

Do I have to buy a month-to-month contract?
Absolutely not! We know everyone's needs are different.
    There are several ways to buy AcuStaf:
    1. Decide if the Schedule Staffing or Labor Management module is the best fit for your needs.
    2. License the product or register for the month-to-month service.
    3. Start seeing an immediate return on investment.

    So License or Service? If you decide to license the product, you will purchase a license for a specified number of active employees or specified number of stores. Every year, you will pay a maintenance expense for updates, interface maintenance and support. Licensing the product is great for large industries with a regular staffing pattern. The service is ideal for industries with seasonal workers. If you close your facility in the winter, why pay for a labor management system?

Does AcuStaf offer a discount?
Yes! After one full year of month-to-month service, we will offer you the option to pay for another year upfront at a negotiated discount rate.
How long does it take to install AcuStaf?

AcuStaf partners with Amazon Web Services, which means there is no waiting period for hardware. AcuStaf can create an “instance” in less than ten minutes! What does that mean for you? There is no waiting. If your IT Department can supply an interface or an export of your data, we can have your system ready in less than a day. However, it takes a bit more time to complete the configuration of payroll and scheduling rules.

On average, we can get a customer up and ready to go live with using the software in about 3 months. Most of our competitors take 3 to 5 YEARS to install a client. Get the results you want NOW! Don’t wait 3 to 5 years for a product and results.

What is the difference between the Schedule Staffing and Labor Management products?

The differentiating factor between the two products is Payroll.

Schedule Staffing does not incorporate payroll information. The Schedule Staffing product was developed for clients in desperate need of a system that allows them to initiate simple procedures, such as printing a schedule, reviewing workload, and analyzing staffing ratios. Only information that is manually entered or imported into AcuStaf displays in the schedule.

If you are looking for automation and payroll accurate records, Labor Management is the product for you. AcuStaf’s Payroll Control enables you to report on actual hours worked and allows you to calculate the true cost of labor. The true cost of labor incorporates holiday, overtime, shift differential, and other pay policies. Pay policies have never been easier to track and distribute accordingly. Stop spending time and energy on manual schedule entries. Let AcuStaf’s Labor Management product streamline your time and attendance.

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