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I am tired of utilizing excess resources to apply for Magnet, Malcolm Baldrige or another certification program?
In order to apply for certifications for excellence, there is a lot of information that needs to be collected. Usually, extra personnel are hired to accommodate all of the necessary data entry. Unfortunately, the more information that needs to be entered by hand, the larger the margin for errors to occur. Instead, let AcuStaf make the entries for you!

AcuStaf has partnered with many certification groups. This means that AcuStaf can export a file to an organization like NDNQI and all of your information will be uploaded into their database. Not only is the information that is uploaded more accurate than information entered by hand, but it also saves your facility valuable time and resources!

My staff should spend more time with customers and less time doing data entry.
It can be frustrating for clients to walk in to a facility and not be greeted by an employee. Whether its in a hospital or at a grocery store, customers appreciate one-on-one interaction. With AcuStaf’s automation, your staff will need to spend less time behind a computer screen and more time with customers. Don’t be chained to your desktop any more! Free yourself from the office and become a “Manager of the Future.”

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