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Budget Billing

Finance is upset with me because I am ALWAYS over my staffing budget.
Finance and managers speak in terms of two different “languages.” Most managers do not understand position control or FTEs. Managers understand that they need three bodies in the stock room and 5 bodies in the front of the store. Let acustaf be that bridge between finance and your manager.

Different Budget views: There are several ways to view a budget. A budget can be viewed in FTEs, 8 hour shifts, 12 hour shifts and more. This is one way to help your finance and staff speak the same language.

Schedule Counts: Another way to help managers staff to their budget is by allowing them easy access to it. If the budget is in the same system as scheduling, they are more likely to take it into account when making a schedule. AcuStaf offers many different counts for the schedule including a Staffing Budget Count. This compares the actual number of employees scheduled to the budgeted number of employees by shift.

Staffing Board: AcuStaf’s Staffing Board allows managers to see real-time if they are over budget on a shift. In the Staffing board, a manager not only sees the number of employees clocked-in, but he or she will also be able to view the workload. This allows the manager to make more informed staffing decisions.

My budget varies by day of the week.
AcuStaf allows you to budget to your staffing trends. Have you found that your client volume is much higher on Mondays and Fridays? With AcuStaf, you can budget by the day of the week, by shift and much more. AcuStaf can even account for the percent of non-productive time like vacation and sick leave. Give your managers the information they need, in a language they can understand.


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