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With all of this new healthcare legislation, how can I keep track of it all?
AcuStaf is the only labor management system that can help you with these new legislative changes. Many healthcare professionals are not even aware of the new mandates that state and federal laws are implementing.

Staffing Portal
AcuStaf has created a staffing portal that allows you to view the real-time patient list and workload along side of the number of nurses clocked in the system. The real-time presentation of the nurse-to-patient ratio can be linked to your institution’s website. This will allow the public easy access, in accordance, complying with the new healthcare transparency legislation.

Which states have mandated specific ratios?
Many states have followed in the footsteps of California by mandating a specific number of nurses per patient. For more information about your state, visit the link below.

Nursing Staff Ratios

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