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Information Tracking

I wish I could be alerted when my employee's certification is about to expire.
With over 25 years of experience in labor management, AcuStaf understands how hard it is to keep track of hundreds of employees. To help alleviate the pain, we have created an extensive tracking module. If you wish to track certifications, you can set up different dates and methods for notifying you or the employee about expirations. Set up a 60 day, 30 day, 10 day, etc notification to the clock/email/phone/AcuStaf account. It is up to you and the employee what day to send the notification and how often.

Can I keep track of who attends meetings?
Some employees believe that they NEVER get to participate in inservice activities. With AcuStaf, you can easily keep track of the hours each employee spends in inservice, meetings, training, etc. Employees can simply swipe their badge at the clock and the system will count the minutes each employee spends at the meeting. At the end of the year, simply print the necessary report to review all of the hours spent at meetings for employees, units, departments, facilities, etc.
How do I know if an employee can perform a specific task?
With a few simple clicks, you can run a report or view it on the screen whether an employee is certified to operate a forklift, sell alcohol or start an IV. Don’t waste your time trying to dig for information. Enter all your information into our centralized database and access it from anywhere.
How do I know how many times I have disciplined an employee?
In most facilities, to make a formal disciplinary action against an employee requires a lot of time, effort and paper work. Once everything is completed, the paperwork seems to get lost in the mountains of filing cabinets. How can I know if an employee has already been verbally warned three times? With AcuStaf, simply enter the disciplinary action and view it instantly. You can set alerts for disciplinary reviews and you can even set an expiration date. The possibilities are endless!
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