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Robust Reporting


Why are Scorecards important?
AcuStaf has created scorecards, or visual representations of data. Not only does the system display a graph of the information, but you can drill down to specific dates by clicking on the graph. This allows you to see why there is a spike in the data. For example, in the graph above, there is a spike in overtime the week after Christmas. When staffing Christmas next year, you can try and account for this spike and add another FTE instead of paying overtime.

Why can't I get the information I want?
Competitors: Many of our competitors have not understood the significance of reporting on information housed in the system. It can be very difficult to filter through the data in order to get the information that pertains to you.

AcuStaf: We strongly believe that what you put into a system, you should be able to get out too. With over 200 standardized reports, AcuStaf makes it easy to get the information you want. Additionally, we have added a create your own report function.

Can I correlate my information?
Yes you can! By running several Hour Label Scorecards together, it is easy to line up the spikes in the data. If you run the Overtime Scorecard and the Absence Scorecard, you can make a correlation that most absences occur on Mondays and Fridays and so does your overtime. Now you finally have the information you need to tell finance that another FTE is required on Fridays to account for all of the “sick calls.” It is amazing how many people feel sick on Friday!
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