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Time and Attendance


Why can't I see things real-time?

How does AcuStaf function as both a scheduling system and as a time & attendance system?
Simple, we combine all of the information you need in a centralized database. Do you need to figure out costing for the last year in order to prepare a new budget for this year? No problem. Our robust reporting provides all the information you need for budgeting from cost to acuity to the number of vacation hours taken. Anything you need to report on, we can make it happen.

The best part about having AcuStaf function in both capacities as a scheduling system and as a time & attendance system is that everything is payroll accurate. No need to worry about matching the schedule to the clocking or your system only archiving the punches. All information is payroll accurate which means you have one centralized database to retrieve all of your accurate information.

Have you turned your accounting system into a time and attendance system?
CAUTION: THIS CAN BE VERY COSTLY AND TIME CONSUMING! In our vast experience, we have found that some facilities get so frustrated that they can’t get any information out of their time and attendance system, so they modify their accounting system. The accounting system is assigned to accept different codes for everything from meeting times to Saturday shift differential. Not only will this cost you an exorbitant amount of money, you may not be satisfied with the results. Instead of hiring more people to manage this new complexity, let AcuStaf manage it for you.

AcuStaf: We are not only a great scheduling system, but it also works as a time and attendance system. With AcuStaf, you can “label” time. Instead of having to create a separate pay “bucket” for something as simple as Saturday shift differential, AcuStaf labels it as Saturday Shift Differential and then allows you to report on hours, cost, shift, category, etc. Don’t let your system handicap you. What information you put in, your system should be able to report on.

I can't see who is in overtime when I need to call someone in.
Competitors: Can you see the little red light? For some reason, our competitors have built a feature that displays a little red light when you schedule an employee into overtime. Well, what happens if you need to have someone stay for the next shift or you need to call someone in? First of all, if the system is not in real-time, how do you know if your substitute has already worked that day or if the work agreement has already been fulfilled? These are all questions that managers need answers to when calling employees in to work.

AcuStaf: Not only does AcuStaf display the work agreement in the schedule, but it will tell you if you are scheduling overtime or not. Further, AcuStaf is a real-time system that will allow managers to see that an employee already has 4 hours of overtime this week and maybe a different employee should be asked to work. Overtime is one of the biggest expenses for institutions. We have automated our system to make you more aware of your biggest expense and make it easy to adjust your schedule accordingly.

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