Software Solutions Designed for Your Entertainment Needs

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With the fast-paced environment of the entertainment industry, you need a product that can keep up with your business. AcuStaf is here to help! With real-time information, control your labor costs before they spiral out of control.

AcuStaf allows you to assign employees to specific areas or rotations, making scheduling a breeze! Save money by knowing where and when your employees are working. Leave the guessing games behind and begin managing with accurate, up-to-date labor data.

How can AcuStaf help?

AcuStaf offers several solutions to fit your needs. For more information about each product, call AcuStaf today!

  • Labor Analytics: When it comes to labor management, companies are continually assessing labor expenses. How much money was spent on labor last year? How much money has been budgeted for labor this year? How can we effectively utilize our employee resources? Let AcuStaf Labor Analytics help you analyze labor trends with reports, spreadsheets, and data mines.
  • Labor Management: Labor Management Solution provides you with payroll accurate data, making it easy to track employee hours and pay employees in a timely manner.
  • Schedule Staffing: Our Schedule Staffing Software is designed to automate the scheduling process to eliminate time and errors. Want to create repeating schedules? What about allowing your employees to self-schedule? AcuStaf makes the scheduling and staffing process easy, with several different scheduling options.