AcuStaf Labor Management System

labor analytics
Are you tired of sifting through piles of data? Are you ready for real-time information to make decisions that effect your “bottom line?”

AcuStaf Labor Analytics is here to help you. Receive electronic alerts about overtime, increased workload, staffing ratios, new hire information and more.

Stop spending countless hours deciphering spreadsheets. Get the information you need to lower your operational costs.

  • Real-time labor cost measurements
  • Correlate workload forecasts with actual workloads
  • Employee analysis reports
  • Effective scheduling tools
  • Absence Management
  • Easy integration with existing software systems

How it works:

Companies in every industry continually assess how to control operational costs and eliminate extraneous spending. AcuStaf gives you the information and tools you need to make effective staffing decisions. Contact us today to find out how AcuStaf can help lower your operational costs.