AcuStaf Labor Management Solution

labor analytics
Are you looking for a simple solution to meet your staffing and payroll needs? Look no further! AcuStaf Labor Management Solution incorporates scheduling and payroll, making it easy to schedule and pay your employees.

Now, all of your information is in one place. Review the hours your employees have worked to pay them accurately and on time.

  • Real-time labor cost measurements
  • Time & Attendance
  • Payroll accurate records
  • Employee analysis reports
  • Absence Management
  • Easy integration with existing software systems

How it works:

Similar to AcuStaf's Schedule Staffing Solution, the Labor Management Solution allows you to schedule and staff your employees. So what sets the Labor Management Solution apart? AcuStaf's Labor Management Solution includes payroll functionality, enabling you to report on actual hours worked and calculate the true cost of dong business. Why use separate systems when AcuStaf offers one simple solution?