clock_stock“The AcuStaf Scheduling System has become an invaluable management reporting tool. Whether we are seeking labor management information for quality improvement initiatives, nurse-sensitive quality indicator data (NDNQI and Joint Commission) or structure demographics for Magnet certification, the AcuStaf System has been a tremendous tool, one that we have increasingly appreciated over the years.”

Schedule Staffing

Reduce the amount of time spent on scheduling labor with AcuStaf’s Schedule Staffing System.

  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Easily fill unique shift requirements
  • Reduce costs while improving patient care
  • Automate scheduling practices
  • Productivity measurements
  • Easy access to web-based database
  • Streamline scheduling and staffing processes
  • Track employee licensing, competencies, education, and more

How it works:

AcuStaf Components

The Schedule Staffing Software effectively reduces labor costs. Finance and Human Resources are the driving factors of the schedule, staffing, and tracking elements. With a simple interface, AcuStaf offers a single source data entry product.

Outcomes are monitored to improve staffing decisions. With over 200 standard reports and the option to create customized reports, AcuStaf provides you with tools and information to make knowledgeable decisions.

Scorecards and Datamining provide ad-hoc reporting at the data element level. AcuStaf has customized reports for productivity benchmarkers and regulatory compliance, including NDNQI, VANOD, Magnet, and JCAHO.