The Challenges of a Job Offer

When companies go on a hiring spree, it is up to the human resources department to utilize labor management tools to prepare for the interview and hiring process.

Is health IT ready to become more heavy in technology?

Hospitals have been told to become more digital by using electronic health records and updating their coding system with ICD-10, but steps to roll out these initiatives have been slow, despite the HITECH Act in 2009.

Why Ohio State University should consider using labor analytics

An employee's salary is reflective of their experience and value to the organization they work for, but what if workers aren't going through a proper performance evaluation? Although a performance review is not required everywhere, Ohio State University (OSU) does, according to the university's student newspaper, The Lantern.

Why CEOs took pay cuts in 2013

Last year was considered a time of redevelopment for the economy, where unemployment dropped near the end of the year, but profits weren't growing as fast.