CPR certifications are required for  many positions
31 July
California nursing to patient staffing ratios are among the most progressive in the nation. For years, the Golden State has been ahead of other state and federal regulations that are sought to improve patient outcomes. Still, the burdens placed upon nurses are less than ideal.

The need for further reform of nurse to patient ratios is demonstrated by the dissatisfaction nurses in San Diego area VA's have with the staffing policies that affect them. Inefficient staffing solutions place a different burden on those nurses. Without proper workforce management, the nurses are required to tend to a larger volume of patients and work longer hours.

Veterans Affairs (VA) reform has been a hot topic in the national political discourse for some months. Internal investigations by the federal government have brought the flaws in the administration of benefits for veterans to light. That ineptitude has detrimentally affected the quality of healthcare our nations' service members are privy to.

Workforce management that employs temporary nurses is one component of the grievance that San Diego VA nurses have with their staffing policies.

"Anybody who has ever hired a temporary help including nurses knows that they are not as dedicated like your staff is. We have had nurses leave in the middle of the shift." said VA nurse Debra Rice.

Efficient workforce management can achieve cost reduction that enables a healthcare provider to afford more full time staff. Utilizing labor management software is one way these enterprises can improve their nurse to patient staffing ratios.

Acustaf Development Corporation provides staffing solutions to healthcare providers in order to improve healthcare quality. By refining a workforce management strategy that puts patients first, healthcare providers are able to succeed in an era when government oversight is increasing.