A single source solution with the tools to optimize labor management and financial reporting. Our mission is to provide you with the best system to effectively manage your staff.  

  • Supports multiple scheduling formats including self-scheduling, fixed, rotational, and scheduling within a schedule.
  • Features easy-to-read start and end times with custom labeling.
  • Designed for all areas within your organization.
  • Views of coverage by shift, category, division, department, cost, and schedule unit.
  • Utilizing intelligent open shift management, workload integration for real-time comparisons, and work/patient assignment tracking.
  • Integrates to any HR system eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Up to the minute time tracking and complete payroll integration.
  • Supports time capture, badge and biometric readers, mobile devices, and PCs.
  • Access control, alerts, and messaging.
  • Integrated credential tracking with built in alerts to ensure staff credentials are current before engaging with patients.
  • Supports credential, licensure, CEU tracking, and more.
  • Summarize information the way you need it with the ability to report by shift, category, day of week, unit, cost center, department, division, affiliates, and more.
  • Summarize hours, FTEs, and cost.
  • Detailed budget management based on hours, FTEs, and cost.
  • Matches fiscal reporting structure, includes variable staffing budget capabilities for accurate staffing by shift, category, and day.
  • Seasonal budget management.
  • Integrates to any Patient Classification system supporting Units of Service (UOS) staffing measurements across organization.
  • Real-time variance reporting by shift, category, and unit.
  • Real-time labor cost measurements
  • Correlate workload forecasts with actual workloads
  • No software license fees, maintenance, or hardware to buy.
  • Web-based solution hosted by Amazon.
  • Supports most browsers and accessible on mobile devices.