BLOOMINGTON, MN – AcuStaf Development Corporation (AcuStaf) announced their selection of Labor Management Institute, Inc., (LMI) to develop educational content and training programs for scheduling, staffing, FTE budgeting, position control, productivity benchmarking and workforce management. The launch of multi-level education programs and workforce management professional curriculum is an exciting offering to AcuStaf clients. LMI is a nationally recognized industry leader in FTE budgeting, productivity benchmarking, financial management, employee scheduling, daily staffing, and Workforce Management Technology (WMT) research and education.

LMI is dedicated to increasing the understanding, utilization, and impact of time and labor/workforce management systems from an operational, strategic, and financial standpoint. Since its founding in 1981, LMI has provided its research, education and consulting services to more than 2,500 healthcare and business organizations both nationally and internationally.

The LMI education programs developed for AcuStaf clients launching in 2019 include the Scheduling, Staffing & Financial Management (SSFM™) Course available at AcuStaf headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota or by special arrangement at client locations.

AcuStaf will also be sponsoring bi-monthly educational webinars for its clients on timely workforce management topics and providing discounted registrations to the LMI suite of online programs including the TimeKeeper Professional (TKP™) Certification and the Time & Labor Workforce Management Professional (TLMP™) Certification. LMI provides Continuing Education Contact Hours to Registered Nurses through its California Board of Registered Nursing provider number for completion of select courses and trainings.

Lora Holland, Chief Operating Officer said, “We are thrilled to work with Labor Management Institute and their president, ChrysMarie Suby. LMI is a highly respected advisory firm and an industry powerhouse.” 

“LMI has an excellent reputation for workforce management education programs along with research and consulting services that deliver sustained operating improvements and innovative practical strategies that balance the workforce and workplace in a conscientious and responsive manner. We share the same commitment to providing the highest quality services to our clients, and we look forward to working together.”