Effective Staffing Strategies and Operational Excellence Whitepaper

Healthcare delivery at both primary care and specialty levels is in constant change with operating margins declining in many organizations (Daly, 2018). When combined with shrinking reimbursements, financial budgeting and accountability for target key performance indicators (KPIs) are imperative. The Labor Management Institute, Inc. (LMI), a leading workforce management, research, education and consulting company finds correlations in both worked and non-worked time that contribute to the misalignment of staff to workload volumes and the misuse of labor hours in the form of extra and unnecessary overtime, conflicts in practice and policies, cost overruns to budget and adverse outcomes to employees, patients and/or customers. This white paper identifies characteristics of operational excellence LMI has found in healthcare organizations and outlines “10 Recommended Workforce Management Best Practices©” (Suby, 2014) to help you align staffing more efficiently and effectively.

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