BLOOMINGTON, MN — AcuStaf Development Corporation, in collaboration with Labor Management Institute, Inc., has developed the Staffing, Scheduling, and Financial Management Training Course, a three-day evidence-based program that provides theory, application, and integration into the AcuStaf software solutions.

This program concentrates on the topics of financial management, evidence-based scheduling and staffing, and workforce management. Curriculum modules include:

  • Financial Systems: Budget Overview, Definitions, and Formulas
  • Managing Workload Units of Service and ADT
  • Fair Labor Standards and Overtime Management
  • Best Practice Schedule Development
  • Principles and Best Practices for Budgeting and Daily Staffing
  • Schedule Auditing, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution
  • Deficit Demand and Supplemental Response
  • Managing Employee Requests
  • Staff to Patient and Workload Ratios